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Outcome Chains is an easy-to-use field enablement application that can get the field teams up-to-speed quickly by delivering all the sales and product education contents in context, making them easy to consume and understand. Outcome Chains turn complex content into a visual roadmap that links new capabilities to business outcomes.

Enter your login credentials to access the application:

Once logged into the application, user will land in application home page.


Click on "My OCs" button located on the upper left corner of the page to bring up the navigation panel. The navigation panel is composed of two major sections:

  • My OCs: a place to access all your OCs and create new ones. The My OCs section further breaks out your OCs by Categories and OC Templates. OC Templates is a place to access template versions of OCs for the team to consume. These templates are created by users with Builder license (such as subject matter experts) and are ready for team members to modify and customize by adding new contents or attachments.
  • My Rooms: a collaborative workspace to create create rooms, share and collaborate on OCs with others.


Creating an Outcome Chain

Note: only users with an Admin or Pro license can create an Outcome Chain from scratch. Advanced license can duplicate an existing template and modify it.

To build an Outcome Chain, click on the 'Create My OC' button located on top of the workspace section of the page, providing you options to create a new OC by using Starter Template or existing Template. Starter Templates are default templates recommended by your Admin, it contains a standardized Link Row framework for you to start building OC from scratch. Alternately, you can create an OC by selecting from existing Templates available in 'OC Templates', this is the quickest way if you want to build your OC on top of an existing OC template.

An in-app workflow will guide you through how to create the OC. Start by giving the OC a name. Your OC name should be a concise, yet cohesive statement identifying the desired business outcome, and a technology lever, or solution that the technology supplier can deliver to help reach the outcome.

After the OC name has been provided, select from existing Starter OC Templates to serve as starting point to develop your OC. Starter OC Template is a blank outcome chain with pre-determined Link Row structure defined by the systems admin.

The next step is to fill the OC with relevant information.

Building an Outcome Chain

Once an blank OC has been created, and it's name identified, the next step is to fill the OC with information. By default, all Outcome Chains created are saved under 'My OCs' section of the navigation panel. The Starter Template is pre-populated with out-of-the- box Link Rows: Outcomes, Financial Result, Operating KPIs, Processes, Key Features, Products, and Players. Modify the Link Row structure as needed. 


The anatomy of an Outcome Chain

Outcome Chain frames related ideas or topics into layers of rows called Link Row. Much like the table of contents in a book, each Link Row is dedicated to a major topic or theme to be expressed in the Outcome Chain. The header of the Link Row provides a space to hold the name of the Link Row, and body of the row provides space to display Links, which are the building blocks of an OC. The Link acts as a container that holds a thought or concept specific to theme expressed within the Link Row it is a part of. Links can be expended into Link Space, which serves as a micro-site to host all the detailed descriptions and supporting attachments related to the subject being addressed in the Link.

Link Rows can be viewed in the collapsed or expanded state. When the Outcome Chain is being opened for the first time, its Link Rows are in a collapsed state, which allows the definitions of row headers to be displayed (shown in screenshot above). Alternately, user can click anywhere on the Link Row to toggle to the expanded state, which will dismiss the row definitions and display the Links on that row.

Customize Link Row name & description

The owner of the OC can modify and customize the name and description of each Link Row by clicking on the downarrow button on the upper right corner of Link Row header box, and select 'Edit Link Row' option to bring up the Link Row editor box.


Provide the Link a name and description to define the row" 

Add Link

Similarly add a Link to the Link Row by clicking on the downarrow button on the upper right corner of the Row header box and select 'Add a Link'. The Add New Link dialog box will appear, where you can input the Link name.


Type in the Link name:

Rearrange Links and Link Rows

Link Row and Link position can be rearranged by simply clicking, dragging and dropping the Link to the desired location. 

How to create and edit Link Groups

A Link Group is a logical way of grouping related links. It is a feature that provides the ability for an individual link to act as a folder for many sub-links. The sub-links have all the functionality of a master link so attachments, notes, etc. can be added to them.  

To create a Link Group, click on the document icon on the lower right corner of a master link.

Next, click on Edit within the open Link window.

Next, click on Add Sublink Group located to the right on the menu bar within the Link Space Edit Mode window.

A new Link Group Setting window will open where you have the option to create Sub Links associated with the Masker Link you have selected.

A new Add Sub Link window will open. Either Add a New Link and give it a title or select An Existing Link from your Link Library. Click Save.

Once new Sub Links are created they will appear in the Link Group Settings window. Click on Add Sub Link to add additional Sub Links. Drag and drop a Sub Link to rearrange their order. To delete a Link Group, select Delete this Link Group from the bottom left. Click Close to save. 

Edit Sub Links in Link Space Edit Mode of the Master Link. 

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